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   The CadWax plugin... Rhino Ring... for Rhino is the ultimate tool for a jeweler. Experienced jewelers will appreciate the versatility and the less experienced will certainly enjoy the ease of use. 

New Ad ImageJUST RELEASED... VERSION 5 !!! A few of the many improvements... Re-size any ring, Trilogy Rings, Dynamic Array & more. CADWAX is rapidly becoming the TOP Rhino plugin!!!

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Dancer Image.....DeArmond Tool Is A Licensed CadWax Reseller.... And We Use The Plugin!

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                              With CadWax, you can let your imagination drive! You do the creating and let the software do the work.

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CadWax can shorten the trip from design to reality. You can be ready to move from design to machining in a fraction of the normal time. If you design and produce rings, CadWax will pay for itself the very first time you use it!

Only... $544.99  Order Right Here... Right Now... No Shipping. You Can Download The Program Direct To Your Computer!