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   Before we add a tool to our selection, we research the quality, dependability, and overall versatility of the product. As well, we look at the manufacturer in regards of dependability and integrity. Our selection remains small... But only the VERY BEST get in! This assures our customers of owning a long lasting, real quality tool! The Hydroflux Welder meets these standards!

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We have used these torches in our shop now for over twelve years. After trying more expensive units, we found these to be the most reliable on the market today. Clean fast soldering & welding of Golds, Silver, Platinum & etc. is easy work for these units. Try One!

                                  COMPLETE AND READY TO WORK!

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This unit comes complete... Just add talent and electricity! Comes with EIGHT tips, Electrolyte, Flux, Dryer Filter, Spare Fuse, And Torch Stand! ......

SAFE!  Inside... it gets even better! Equipped with Stainless Steel gas dryer and Filter to prevent moisture & contaminants from mixing with the flux and flame. You no longer have to waste fluxing compound because of frequent recycles! Includes an easy to read water level and flux level gage. This unit makes so little noise you can hardly hear it run. Also, a stainless check valve is built in to prevent flame blow-back. These are the safest and most versatile Hydro Torches on the market today.

The flame varies from so tiny that you can hardly see it, which is perfect for tiny chain repair, to a flame that can solder large belt buckles without a problem. Your work comes out cleaner, less oxidation...yes, even on sterling and cuts clean up time at least 75%.

If you run the torch eight to ten hours a day, a quart of additive will last about nine months. We also have the formula so you can make your own additive if you wish.

One Year Warranty Included!

Call or E-Mail if you have questions! We are here to help.

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